Email Consent

As you know, email is a fantastic way to communicate with MyFamilyMD.  So many of our patients use email to request appointments, cancel appointments and update information.  These services are completely free and it is our pleasure to make your contact with the office as simple as possible.

A growing number of our patients also choose to seek medical advice via email.  Sending a note to your doctor instead of coming in for an appointment can be a very convenient method of getting an opinion from your physician.  As always, medical advice from your doctor via email (or by telephone) is not covered by OHIP.  There is a fee for this service.

Whether the email sent is for administrative or medical services, it is important that you know the risks.  We ask that you read and sign our Email Consent Form and Communication Disclaimer.  This is a simple one-page explanation of the risks involved with email.

Click on the form below to send an email that states you have read the form, understand the risks of the use of email and agree to our email policy.  Please put your name and the name of your physician in the body of the email.  We will accept this special email as the equivalent of your signature.

You may be asked to sign this form at your next appointment or with your next email contact.  The form need only to be signed once and will be kept on file.

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